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Wherever you are, we are – with the Long Realty Mobile App. Search active sales, pending and recently sold properties across Arizona from the palm of your hand. Customize your home search to exactly what you are looking for: bedrooms, bathrooms, pool, golf property, commute times, etc. With information updated every 15 minutes, you'll always have the most current data.

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Joan Green

River Campbell - Tucson

Mobile:(520) 349-3688

Welcome to Tucson!

I am an Associate Broker with Long, the preeminent real estate company in Tucson, with over 30 years' experience. Through real estate, I have met the most interesting and extraordinary people and I thank them all for the continued referrals. For buyers, we work together to find the property that speaks to them and has quality and features that will endure. For Sellers, my marketing is complemented by the guidance I provide on how to maximize the value of their real estate investment.

A former 'big city girl' from New York, I met my husband, Richard, originally from Nebraska, in grad school in California. A geek at heart, I sometimes refer to myself as a ‘refugee from academia’. The lure of Astronomy brought us to the University of Arizona from Pasadena and professional life has taken us all over the world. I confess to not being excited about the move at first, but Tucson, has stolen my heart.

There is such physical beauty in the frame of jagged mountains and the ever changing desert landscape. Hiking is amazing, there are nationally ranked sports, golf, yoga, swimming, even serious skiing within about a 4 hour drive. We also have the full complement of the arts. There are live music performances for every taste, including early music, classical, pop and jazz. We offer comedy, local theater and Broadway touring companies. The University of Arizona has attracted an international population and along with our world class resorts, has produced a dining scene that is exotic ethnic to elegant, and everything in between. This is a great place to raise a family. We have many of the good features of a city, but Tucson, dubbed ‘a big small town’ is so warm and welcoming that before long, newcomers say that it feels like home.

I never thought I would be one of those showing off their kids/ grand kids but...Our son Alex started as an Ancient Chinese scholar at Harvard, but is now if part of an international hedge fund. He and his wife, Sophie Yang, doing an Anesthesiology Residency at Banner Medical, are here in Tucson with their baby Max. Richard, on loan from the University of Arizona as the Director of the Division of Astronomical Sciences at the National Science Foundation, gets to see a lot of the rest of our family in D.C. Nathaniel and his wife, Fern Gibbons met at the University of Chicago. He has a PhD in Immunology from BU Med, pursued research for a while and then found his love of teaching kids. Fern with a PhD from MIT is a Senate Staffer (it's so reassuring to know that such people are there!). They have three kids: Zeke, Ellie and Isaiah.

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Client Reviews

When I asked the people I know to recommend a real estate agent, they all recommended Joan Green. Now I know why. Joan is knowledgeable, tenacious, and meticulous in taking care of every detail. She was also a pleasure to work with.

Carol N

Long Realty is great, and my agent Joan Green is the best.

Linhua J

This is the second house we've bought/sold through Joan since relocating to Tucson six years ago from the Washington, D.C. area. My sister- and brother-in-law bought one through her, too. She's great. When we first moved here, we needed something that would accommodate a recently blended family of eight covering three generations.  Joan found the perfect house for us.  It needed a little work; but most of it I was able to do and all of it was within our means. It gave us all plenty of "alone" space, and at the same time, had us all together so we could learn to become a family. It was within bicycling distance to my work, and had plenty of room outdoors for the kids to roam. After some of the kids grew up and moved out, it was time to downsize and again we couldn't be more pleased with Joan.  She found a landscaper who really gave our home the right curb appeal and at an incredible price.  The photographer she found took photos that really gave the house the "Wow! Factor" that helped us sell in a reasonable amount of time and for actually more than we were prepared to settle for. Her attention to detail, experience and knowledge were a real comfort through the whole process. The new house Joan found for us is perfect, too. We still have three generations in the house, and had very specific requirements. The new house is still within bicycling distance of work, has plenty of room for individual privacy and is in a great neighborhood. When we are ready to sell again, it should be an easy house to sell.  Here is the best part. Because Joan helped us find just the right house when we first moved here, it had gone up in value so much that after we sold it, we were able to completely pay off the new house.  She literally changed our financial family tree.  

Scott and Susan

Joan was extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable. We looked for a long time for the right house. She was recommended to us by friends and I'd recommend her also to others. She's the best.

Ellen Howell

Ms Green assisted us greatly in 1999-2000 during our cross country relocation to Tucson....then in 2014 she was very helpful in our downsizing efforts to sell & repurchase our housing needs....her knowledge of the local market & professionalisms was very helpful and made both relocations far more tolerable

David Fay

Joan's work in buying one house and selling two for a multigenerational move made the process smooth and painless!

Winifred Williams / Ken Hinkle

Joan Green acted as our buyer's agent five years ago when we had an opportunity to purchase the house next to our residence. Joan guided us gracefully through the procedure, dealing with documents, inspections, contractors, and other details. We would have been reckless to attempt this ourselves. The transaction went flawlessly, we remodeled the entire building with our own plans and hands, and now our daughter and grandchildren live next door. So, we highly recommend Joan Green to anyone contemplating the sale or the purchase of residential real estate.

Dr. Michael Ray Jacobson and Shoshana Jacobson

Without Joan, we would never have gotten our home. We have been living in it for over 20 years now. Joan was solely interested in finding the right house for us, listening to what we wanted and how we judged the houses we toured. She was always patient with all of our deliberations. Once we decided on a house, there were a number of issues to be negotiated with the seller. Joan was always an enthusiastic and understanding advocate for us all the way to closing. Lastly, Joan was and has remained a great resource to us to recommend various people in town for work on the house when it was needed. We have recommended her to all our friends and colleagues many times over the years. If we ever sell our house, there is no doubt that Joan will be our agent.

Beatrice and Tod

Shortly after moving to Tucson from out of state I was very fortunate to work with Joan Green in the purchase of a new home. Joan was extremely thorough and knowledgeable during the entire home-buying process, and her many years of real estate experience in the Tucson area helped me expertly navigate the local market.


Zack and I have known, enjoyed and worked with Joan Green since we came to Tucson in early 1993... She managed the purchase of our first Tucson home, identifying for us just the home we wanted, area and price a perfect match as well! She handled the sale of our first Tucson home and the purchase of our second home after helping us through an extensive search, an excellent choice we have loved for coming on 20 years! She is currently assisting us in selling this home as our current needs mandate a simpler setting. In our opinion, Joan's greatest skills as a realtor include her boundless enthusiasm, her knowledge of the area, her unwavering attention to even the smallest details, and her excellent eye for what needs doing to facilitate sale. She has a long list of helpful, skilled, licensed and reasonable professionals to aid in prepping for home sale, including electricians, landscapers, plumbers, contractors, We have used many of them, all of whom were anxious to do the job to meet Joan's expectations! Prior to initiating the marketing process she hired an excellent photographer and had a detailed blueprint drawn up suitable for inclusion with the online presentation of the pictures taken. She also brought in an experienced local appraiser to help us set a listing price. We feel most fortunate in having Joan as a friend and as a realtor for all these years, and we look forward to her help in finding the perfect "downsize" to meet our current needs ! Sharon and Zack Gardlund

Zack and Sharon Gardlund

Joan is highly knowledgeable, competent, and enthusiastic. Always available with recommendations, Joan knows who the highly skilled and reliable craftsmen, painters, plumbers, etc. are in Tucson. She is well grounded in the intricacies of the real estate business…and of client service. She was highly recommended by a friend who told us that if you ever want to move to Tucson, I can recommend the best realtor! When we first saw the house we ended up purchasing (in 2001), one of us was against it while the other really liked it. We returned a second time with a renovation person she recommended to talk about what we might do to the kitchen and master bath that were the sources of the problem. Between the renovation person and Joan, we figured it all out easily and completely. That was 17 years ago, and we continue to find great pleasure and satisfaction with our home. We own the perfect house for us as a retired couple. Joan was great then, and continues to be helpful with suggestions for maintaining an updated house. She has our highest recommendations. We suggested Joan Green to relocating friends who have recently purchased a retirement home from her. Joan has helped us make Tucson home for us. She is always there for us with a variety of excellent recommendations…including restaurants! She is like the “family member” who helped us ease into our Tucson community. Steve and Jeannette

Stephen Shawl

Joan helped us sell our first home and purchase our second. She was very patient as we searched, and incredibly helpful through the buying and selling processes. Her knowledge of all of the neighborhoods was invaluable as we hunted for our new home! And, our old house sold for asking price after less than a week on the market!

Curtis J. and Karen M.

Joan Green helped us find and purchase our new home and sold our old home for us too! For the sale of our old home, she walked us through the process of getting it ready for market, with pricing it right and then the closing. When we purchased our new home, she patiently took us around to what we requested to see in order to figure out what we really wanted, and then she helped us complete that deal. We found the perfect home in the perfect location. Thanks, Joan!

Stephen and Sandra Warner

We first worked with Joan Green to sell and buy a house in Tucson several years ago. Every piece of advice she provided was invaluable, and we were and are grateful for helping us through those steps. We have continued to reach out to her over the years, and she is always knowledgeable and helpful. I can't imagine finding a better realtor no matter what your real estate needs.


Over the past decade we have bought two houses and sold one through Joan. She is top notch on all fronts: thoroughly professional, with a deep knowledge and understanding of the Tucson residential real estate market, and a sharp instinct for the appeal and the financial value of a property. In 2013, as the housing market was bottoming out, Joan sold a house for us at the full asking price in four days. We have found her large network of connections to local contractors of all varieties to be of great value too. We know we can always trust a recommendation from Joan. Not coincidentally, she is also a genuinely delightful person who's a pleasure to work with. She has taken the time to know us and to learn what we have been looking for in each case. How important that is in such a big decision!

M. Hart

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Joan. It was my first (and so far only) home purchase, and it was a little overwhelming to be taking it on solo. I had an unusual priority list that Joan took seriously: (1) view of the Catalinas from the backyard, (2) as far as possible from road noise, (3) an established neighborhood with no HOA, and (4) potential for my parents to live with me. We looked at a LOT of houses, and in the end I got it all, and made a new friend in the bargain! I had never imagined that I would spend much of my house hunt having so much fun - and that can only happen when your realtor has your best interests at heart. I still love the home I bought, but if I ever do decide to move, I'll be calling Joan!

Pat K.

Joan has helped us with several real estate purchases over the past 20 years, and helped our son when he purchased a home in central Tucson. Great service! Joan always went the extra mile for us. Roger


We bought our house in 2004 and Joan Green was our agent. Our experience was 100% positive. She was available to show us an impressive number of homes until we found the perfect match. The outings were very informative, Joan knows the inventory very well and she is very knowledgeable in all the aspects of the trade. We were especially impressed by her skills in the negotiation part, she supported our choices and went through the procedure flawlessly. We are happy to report a 5-stars experience with her.

Letizia and Mark

Joan is a super agent. She knows what her clients need (and what the house needs), often before they fully realize themselves. When she worked with us to look for a house, in fairly short time, she would perfectly understand what fits best for our family growth, lifestyle, education needs, finance etc., and I think she actually identified what will will work for us well before we knew it. That's especially important for younger families who are looking for their first house. After we bought the house, she continued to be our invaluable advisor on maintaining and upgrading the properties, and I am amazed that she were able to remember and alert us when we needed to pay attention to things like inspecting old plumbing.


Joan helped us buy our house some years ago. We were coming to Tucson for a buying trip and she showed us 31 houses in three days. (We picked #30). Because our time was limited, she researched houses before we arrived, scheduled a home inspector against the possibility that we would find a house we liked, and coached us through the offer/counteroffer. As it happened, we purchased our home from the executor of the previous owner's estate, and Joan helped us navigate that experience, too. We continue to be impressed by Joan's attention to detail and her vast knowledge of neighborhoods, school districts, restaurants, contractors, veterinarians, the list goes on. Joan is lovely, enthusiastic, and a reassuring presence for any nervous home buyer. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Amy Matheson

Joan helped make my first home purchase a straight-forward and enjoyable event. She listened to what I wanted, was responsive to my concerns and even brought items to my attention she thought might be a issue at homes we searched based on her professional and personal experience. When we did find the one, she arranged very thorough and honest inspections and repair estimates to help me negotiate a fair price. Working with Joan was a pleasure and I highly recommend her!

Glenda A

Joan has a very extensive & knowledgeable understanding of the 'foothill community'. She also has a wonderful network system for both local & long distance residents looking for a new home. She is tapped into new companies coming into Tucson with employees searching or homes. Joan made my search for a home fun, educational and of course successful! And, after you close on your home, Joan has a quality list of contractors & tradesmen to assist in any updating or renovation needs.

Ruth Whittaker

Joan has helped us since 1992. First, she brokered an agreement with the sellers that allowed us to buy our home without making demands on the owners to "fix this and fix that." Then she helped us to buy the vacant lot next to us. And finally, she's provided names of roofers and tree cutters, etc, over the years, and has been willing to say "this person now costs too much" or "this person is someone I no longer recommend."

Edward Olszewski

Joan was great, she was always able to help us on short notice and made the whole home-buying process as smooth as possible.

David O-Brien

I purchased my property on Nov 15 2015 in Tucson Az for which I used the professional services of Ms. Joan Green. Although I had lived in the US for 9 years, I was totally unfamiliar with the process of buying a house. I hired the services of Ms. Green as per recommendation of a work colleague. The process began with a meeting at Ms. Green’s office where I was explained how long it would take to be a homeowner and all the steps in the process. I also received a very informative and comprehensive package with documentation that I would need along the process. We started the house hunting sessions in October. This was a crucial part where I DID need an agent. Ms. Green paid special attention to the quality of houses we would visit, in particular to those with plumbing issues. Once we visited the one that would be my home, she took care of the whole inspection procedure. The negotiation with the seller could not have been more smooth and in no time I was signing the documents for my property. The whole experience of buying my house was excellent. Ms. Green made the whole difference and showed commitment and integrity at all times. I highly recommend the services of Ms. Green to anyone who is in the market to purchase a home. I simply chose the best in Tucson AZ.

David G H

We worked with Joan to buy our first home together and really enjoyed the experience. Joan was very organized, positive, and prompt. We never had to wait on her when something important was in the balance. She was always on top of it! She is a clear communicator, and she referred us to various service providers who provided us with service as excellent as hers ... especially our lender, who was wonderful (Ann Bryant of Nova). Joan did not apply "You Must Buy NOW" pressure; rather, she helped us find the home that was right for us, and she even cautioned us against making an offer when we had reservations. Five stars for Joan!

Karen H. and Dave O.

I had the pleasure of working with Joan. From start to finish she was very responsive and professional. As a foreign corporate seller, we relied on Joan to not only sell the property but assist us with many aspects related to the property. She went above and beyond what anyone would expect of a realtor. She found a buyer for the property very quickly and was able to get a very favorable price. I would highly recommend Joan Green.

Donna- Bermuda

Joan is the consummate professional! Yet her warmth and initiative made working with her a relaxing experience. She is very detail oriented and careful to attend to the very important small details that make so much difference in a prospective sale opportunity. Her wealth of local knowledge of can-do trades men served us so well during our quest to sell our home. Her persistence made showing our property a consistanct highlight for prospective buyers. We were in the hands of a true real estate professional when we selected Joan to representate us in the sale of our home. We are delighted at the result and would recommend her to others wholeheartedly! She is one of the very best!!

George H. Wales, Jr.

Joan is a consummate professional and always, as we experienced, goes above and beyond to address the needs of her clients. She is remarkably knowledgeable about the process of buying and selling real estate. Joan has so many resources at her fingertips and is able to provide information immediately as needed when anything has to be addressed. The journey of selling our home was challenging but the outcome was successful as a direct result of the hard work, persistence and tenacity of Joan. Additionally, Joan seemed like a wonderful friend. She coached, encouraged and supported with warmth and understanding as well as with her ever present keen professional abilities. I highly recommend Joan to represent you if looking to buy or sell a home!


Joan Green is a consummate real estate professional! She has true depth of knowledge on how to market/sell a home. Her engaging, outgoing personality meshes well with her persistent attention to the minute details. Joan has a wide range of contacts with the various trades that are often needed to bring a property up to peak selling condition. Her cheerful attitude serves her so well as she and the Seller work through any issues posed by the property's condition. Always available, she stays closely connected until the property sells. She has become more than a professional acquaintance; she,s a good friend.

George Wales

Joan Green is a superb real estate professional! She has an engaging personality coupled with careful attention to all the minute details involved in a real estate transaction. Joan has extensive contacts in the various trades that often must be called upon the bring a sales property up to top value. An interaction with Joan leaves one feeling good!

George Wales

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