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           GreenTucson                                                            April  2019

“Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves." - Abraham Lincoln

Greetings, All! 

Seeing the un-seeable:Scientists revealed the first direct image of a supermassive black hole on April 10. The image is of the black hole at the center of Messier 87.” (Reuters) The exciting announcement was that a worldwide collection of radio telescopes combined their signals as the Event Horizon Telescope to image for the first time the swirling gas that limned the shadow of an enormous black hole. See a great article and brush up on your physics in the Washington Post’s See a black hole for the first time in a historic image from the Event Horizon Telescope. We are so proud of the University of Arizona Astronomers and that a UA telescope played key roles in the observing and modeling.

There is so much to do in our fair city:

Agave Heritage Festival featuring music, arts, foods, and cultures of the Southwest

Heirloom Farmers Markets Fun, Food and Events

UA’s Spring Fling, in its 45th year — the largest student-run carnival in the nation

Butterfly Magic at the Botanical Gardens

Die, robocalls, die: A how-to guide to stop spammers and exact revenge in the Washington Post sure spoke to me. There were more than 5.2 billion automated calls in March, but we can fight back. Register on the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon offer free services as well as upgraded services for a fee to block robocalls.

The Labor Department reported that hiring rebounded with 196,000 jobs in March, after a relatively paltry 33,000 jobs added in February. Unemployment was unchanged at 3.8%. Average hourly earnings increased 3.2 % from the prior year, which was below the projected level. Economists are divided in their predictions for the Fed raising interest rates, but most of my reading suggests a rate hike is likely toward the end of this year.

New businesses are good for Tucson and can be yummy as well: 5 Tucson bars and restaurants that opened in March. In other developments:

 Store, tech transformation top issues at UA retail conference

Business awards earned in Southern Arizona 

Tucson Tech: Insiders say Arizona is making progress in building entrepreneurial ecosystem for bioscience companies

Building Tucson Businesses: 162nd Air National Guard Wing takes off in the Old Pueblo  

Let’s look at local housing. In the Tucson North area, comparing March 2018 to March 2019 active inventory decreased 2% and sales increased 10% and the Median Price rose 8%. For Central inventory was down 4%, a 1% decrease in Closings; the Median Price rose 4%.

We saw a 6% increase in inventory in the Luxury Market, where there was a 10% decrease in Closings and an increase of 3% in Median Price.