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Welcome to Tucson! I am an Associate Broker with Long, the preeminent real estate company in Tucson, with over 30 years' experience. Through real estate, I have met the most interesting and extraordinary people and I thank them all for the continued referrals. For buyers, we work together to find the property that speaks to them and has quality and features that will endure. For Sellers, my marketing is complemented by the guidance I provide on how to maximize the value of their real estate investment. A former 'big city girl' from New York, I met my husband, Richard, originally from Nebraska, in grad school in California. A geek at heart, I sometimes refer to myself as a ‘refugee from academia’. The lure of Astronomy brought us to the University of Arizona from Pasadena and professional life has taken us all over the world. I confess to not being excited about the move at first, but Tucson, has stolen my heart.

Working with Joan meant that we were working with someone who: will always go the extra mile, can be trusted to have a good sense of the market and what will sell, will be a ferocious advocate for you and your house, will quickly connect you with excellent resources for your house and property, and will be there as a friend. She provided us recommendations and connections even years after we purchased our house with her. When selling our house, we were terrible with judging aesthetics and working with vendors. Fortunately, we had Joan to rely on every step of the way. She interacted with vendors on our behalf - including being bad cop, when needed. She inspected work done at our house for us - even when we were out of town. A unique combination of a huge heart and sharp fangs.

Beth & Owen